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Actor Keira Knightley (36), famous for the films “Pirates of the Caribbean” and ” Love Actually,” talked about the sexual violence she experienced as a woman. Most women, including themselves, experience this, and the intention is to recognize it as a social problem and find a solution together.

The Guardian reported on the 8th (local time) that Knightley made the claim in a recent interview with the magazine Harpers Bazaar. “Not only me, but almost all women have suffered sexual harassment more than once, such as stuttering or an unknown man suddenly exposing their genitals,” Knightley said. “There are even a variety of threats to kill them or hit them in the face.”.

“I couldn’t find a woman who wasn’t bullied in any way,” he added. “This situation is so frustrating.”. This means that we need to face gender problems that are prevalent in society and find solutions for change.

This is not the first time Knightley has spoken publicly about the issue of sexual harassment of women. He confessed his experience of being sexually harassed four times in the past in 2018, when the Me Too movement was booming in Hollywood. “A group of men were forced to touch their body parts or reveal their skirts at a bar,” he said in an interview with the U.S. pop culture magazine ” Variety,” adding, “Women would have similar experiences.”. He also complained about the way women are portrayed in the movie, adding, “I try to avoid being sexually assaulted by men as much as possible.”.

Knightley has also spoken out about gender equality after giving birth to two daughters in 2015 and 2019. In January, he declared, “I will not shoot bed scenes in works directed by male directors.”. In a male-centered culture, it is often necessary to implement a bed scene tailored to men’s eyes, which is uncomfortable. In 2018, they banned 강남야구장 Disney animation movies to their daughters. This is because some female characters in cartoons, such as Cinderella and Princess Mermaid, are portrayed as overly dependent on men and unself-reliant. “I teach my daughter that she should be able to save herself, not wait for the prince,” he said.

Keira Knightley from Britain made her name known as a leading actor by appearing in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series, ‘Love Actually’ and ‘ Pride and Prejudice’. She is said to have been in charge of an independent female character in recent years, including a female activist in “Miss Beaver,” which was released last year, and a genius mathematician in his 2016 work ” Imitation Game.”. I married James Righton (38), a musician and former member of the band Clarksons, in 2013 and is raising two daughters

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