According to the media, Tottenham fans said, “Son Heung-min injured his hamstring.

Kiwoom Heroes outfielder Lee Yong-kyu (36) has been accumulating hits from practice games. They are giving off positive energy inside and outside the ground.

Lee Yong-kyu started as the second batter and left fielder in a practice game with Doosan at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 14th, recording two hits in two at-bats. In particular, it was encouraging that he hit a foreign pitcher Ariel Miranda (32) at the end of the first inning. In a practice game with Doosan on the 11th, he showed off his outstanding batting skills by hitting one hit in two at-bats.

Currently, Kiwoom has played two practice games alongside Hanwha and Doosan in preparation for the season, but the only game Lee Yong-kyu has not hit is the match against Hanwha in Daejeon on March 6. In the midst of Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki (48), he is only playing four to five innings, not the entire game, but he is maintaining a high sense of hitting.

Lee Yong-kyu, who was released from Hanwha after the end of last season, signed a contract with Kiwoom to receive a total of 150 million won ahead of this season. The guaranteed amount is only 100 million won. Kiwoom recruited a free agent-class player for 100 million won. Already, Lee Yong-kyu is being evaluated as a “beneficial contract.” It is compared to the “Kim Hye-ja Lunch Box” of a convenience store that has a lot of side dishes compared to the price, which is good for cost-effectiveness.

Lee Yong-kyu also plays a role as a ‘club house leader’. Kiwoom outfielder Heo Jung-hyeop (31) said about Lee Yong-kyu, “I am learning many things regardless of competition. He’s a very nice guy. “I think it’s better that Lee Yong-kyu came to the team,” he laughed.

The bench is also giving enough 스포츠중계 consideration to Lee Yong-kyu. He has decided to use him as a corner outfielder with relatively less defensive burden this season. Coach Hong Won-ki said, “(Lee Yong-kyu) should lead the players. I think there will be some invisible parts. We want to do something about that rather than specific figures.”
Tottenham fans were shocked when Son Heung-min was unable to play with a hamstring injury.

Tottenham lost 1-2 in the away game against Arsenal in the 28th round of the Premier League in the 2020-21 season at 1:30 a.m. (Korea time) at Emirates Stadium in London, England. With the defeat, Tottenham remained in seventh place.

Son Heung-min, who had high expectations, also started the day and formed an offensive team with Kane, Bale and Moura. However, Son Heung-min collapsed due to an injury just 18 minutes after the game began. While trying to catch a long ball from the back, he sat down on his own, feeling abnormalities in his hamstring.

In the end, Son Heung-min was replaced after being checked by the medical team. Tottenham took the lead with Lamela’s first goal after Son Heung-min left, but allowed £degaard and Lacazette to score consecutive goals and eventually lost 1-2.

The biggest issue after the game was the injury of Son Heung-min. Local broadcasting cameras continued to show Son Heung-min sitting on the bench, and the media reported on Son Heung-min’s injury one after another. This is because the injury of Son Heung-min, the ace in the team, could come as a big crisis for Tottenham.

Meanwhile, the British media “Football London” focused on the reaction of the fans, saying, “Tottenham fans were shocked when Son Heung-min, who is at the center of the controversy over the accident, was injured.”

According to the media, Tottenham fans said, “It is the worst news that Son Heung-min suffered a hamstring injury,” and “Son Heung-min’s injury is a big blow to raising the ranking. I hope the injury is not serious, and the dream team that leads to Son Heung-min, Kane, and Bale has been shattered. Son Heung-min’s injury is scheduled. “He didn’t have enough rest,” he said, expressing regret and shocking feelings about Son Heung-min’s injury.

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