It is a product that can be used for one year when it is used as a limit loan.

Hello, I think the economic situation is getting worse as we go. Since the city is in the city, many people think about lending. If you have a collection of money, but if you do not have it, you can easily dispose of real estate in an urgent situation, or if you can not sell assets such as land, there is a way to use a limit loan such as a negative account. So today, we will have time to learn about the types of commercial bank limit loans and to look at the conditions and qualifications.
First, I will explain what commercial banks are.
I think I’ve explained this in a few postings, which are building a nationwide store network, and the head office is a bank in a big city, such as the metropolitan area. Therefore, there are no local banks such as Busan Bank and Kyungnam Bank, or cooperatives such as Suhyup or Livestock Cooperative. KB Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, Hana Bank, and Citibank, which are generally known, belong to commercial banks here.
Limited loans are also called negative bankbook loans.

You can use the amount you have agreed through your bank account. It is convenient because you can deposit and withdraw at any time freely. However, there are some differences in interest calculation compared to general loans, so if you use it wrong, it does not have the advantage as much as it can be poisonous.
As you can see today about the terms of the limit of the bank, you will know that the qualification for the limit loan varies from bank to bank, but in general, there are common requirements for the loan received from the 1 financial sector.

Generally, adults over 20 years old who have been in office for more than 6 months should have a credit rating of 6 or higher. If you are paying a private insurance, you can get closer to approval. Here, the more you meet the criteria for banks such as credit rating, tenure, or annual income, the more the loan limit increases or the interest rate decreases.
KB Kookmin Bank’s bankbook

It is a product of my bankbook that came out with a limit of up to 100 million won within 150% of the annual income as a limit of Kookmin Bank. Unfortunately, it seems to have stopped selling now. I can not check it on the website of Kookmin Bank.
Shinhan Bank’s comfortable worker loan S

If you are attending Shinhan 폰테크 Bank designated companies as a worker loan, you can get a higher limit and a lower interest rate.

The maximum loan limit is 150 million won, but it is 50 million won when used as a limit loan. We expect annual income based on health insurance premiums, so we should be paying health insurance premiums.
Citibank’s credit loan

Citibank is the next largest bank loan type. Citibank’s credit loan can also be applied by cell phone or computer without having to visit the branch office. If you use a negative account, you can up to 70 million won. Those who are 19 years old or older are eligible.

At the current workplace, the National Health Insurance payment performance is required for at least six months and must have accounts of other 1 financial sector including Citibank. It is a product that can be used for one year when it is used as a limit loan.
Hana Bank BEST Credit Loan

The last commercial bank limit loan is Hana Bank’s limit loan. It’s BEST credit. It’s a Korean citizen who earns more than 18 million won a year. If a business operator has to have a business period of 6 months or more, there is a condition that the credit rating should be good.

Up to 50 million won can be used for one year. Income certificates and salary earners need a certificate of employment, and business income earners need a business registration certificate.

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