The Kaokotalifeu products on display.

Massage that I love so much ♥

If it wasn’t for Corona, I would have been going to Thailand last year to get a lot of massage.

The reality is that even in Korea, it’s hard to go…

From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the Corona atmosphere was so serious that I had to endure it even though my shoulders were about to burst.

Recently, the number of confirmed cases seemed to be getting better, so I made a quick reservation for Gangnam massage with Baby Bear.

I visited Gangnam Massage once last year, but I couldn’t forget the taste of the hand.

Natural Thai Apgujeong Branch

I went with the baby bear back then, and we were both so satisfied that we came back.

Besides, the location is near Apgujeong Station, so it’s easy to get there by public transportation.

It’s also close to Garosu-gil. It’s a great date course.

Actually, Mr. and Mrs. Park went to a cafe in Garosu-gil and did some window shopping.

He went straight to the top of the Natural Thai Apgujeong to relieve his blood.

Gangnam Massage Recommendation
Natural Thai Apgujeong Branch
· Natural tie wave apex position

25 Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (2nd floor)

Natural Thai Apgujeong Ridge
25 Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
· Natural tie-wave Apgujeong phone number


· Natural tie-wave Apgujeong business hours

10:00 to 02:00 every day

· NATURAL TYSPA homepage

Natural Ties-Headquarters
Yeoksam Main Store Natural Thai Spa, Thai Massage, Thai Massage, Couple Massage, Couple Date Course

You open the Natural Tycepa door and you go in.

Teleport from Apgujeong to Thailand

Overall, it’s a clean, comfortable atmosphere.

Ratan and Wood props gave off a Southeast Asian feel.

This is enough to make you feel like traveling Southeast Asia in Gangnam.

The signatures of celebrities at the entrance indicate how famous Gangnam Massage Shop is.

Starting with Suwon Youngtong branch in 2008, the Natural Tyce Faction started.

It is a spa brand that is widely known to the extent that various branches such as Yeoksam Main Store, Apgujeong Jikyoung Branch, Yeongdeungpo, Nonhyeon Branch, etc. are established.

Last time I visited, I got a massage myself, and it wasn’t my name.

The massage paraphernalia, their skills and service proved their popularity.

So, I actually re-visited it and recommended by people around me.

Natural Tycepa Massage Course Price

Starting with the basic Thai traditional massage, there are various massage types such as oil massage, detox sterapy, etc.

Also, there are special package programs such as fatigue recovery, insomnia care, and maternity care, so I can choose whatever I want to do.

And Apgujeong Massage is going to be expensive. It’s a bit burdensome to go.

As you can see, the Natural Tiespa store is reasonably priced, so it’s good to go light.

In addition, various price discount events!

Early Bird Event (10:00-17:00)

There are many new discount events every month such as group events, couple events, etc.

If you check the website or Naver reservation website below, you can make a reservation at a lower price.

Naver Shopping Smart Store
Gangnam Massage, Natural Thai Half Price Discount, Terrafist from Express Hotels, Celebrity Regular Spa

Also, there is a package course 1+1 event which is relatively more expensive than the basic course.

Gift certificates are on sale, so you can use a variety of Natural Tycepa.

If you use the event well, you can use Hyeja Gangnam Massage beyond the cost-effectiveness.

So it’s good to go to Gangnam couple spa like Mr. and Mrs. Park or go with family or friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Park have a basic course, and I have a Thai herbal ball massage.

Baby bear picked up a dip tissue oil therapy.

We got our own change and headed to the fitting room.
(Give women disposable underwear.)

Neat and luxurious natural tie, papa, apex, women’s changing room.

I’ve never been in a men’s locker room, but it’s gonna be similar.

It was convenient because there was a bathroom and a bathroom in the fitting room.

It’s good to take a clean shower after the massage.

Of course, body wash and shampoo were set up.

I have towels, dryers, makeup cleansers, lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

There’s nothing uncomfortable about taking a shower at the massage parlor.

You don’t have to take anything.

There’s no one in the dressing room except me. A Gussell.

I’ve changed to a very comfortable massage suit.

They gave me a gown when I got an oil massage.

And while I was changing, I was wondering if I should wear my underwear or take it off.

If you’re getting dry massage like last time, you don’t have to take it off, but this time it’s a different massage, so I was worried.

And then I ended up wearing it.

The massage parlor smoothed it out and filled it up again.

It’s a tie-hubball massage that starts with a warm foot spa.

I was so tired walking around Garosu-gil with my shoes on, but my feet were melting.

Plus, herbal tea service.

When I got there, you gave me a lemon balm. It’s my usual favorite, so I drank it in one gulp.

Healing time with foot bath + hubby ♥

The baby bear, who chose the aroma massage, chose oil with three different scents.

For your information, if you get an aroma massage, you can choose between lavender, jasmine and rose.

Baby bear picked lavender.

Lavender is good for relaxation, muscle pain, menstrual pain, trouble relief, stress relief, insomnia.

After finishing foot spa, go to Gangnam Couple Massage Room under the guidance of an employee.

With the moderately dark lighting and calm music, it was a relaxing atmosphere.

And most of all, I liked the cleanliness and the cleanliness.

Especially at the Natural Tycepa store, we do disinfection and alcohol disinfection every day.

There’s even a coronavirus disinfection certificate on the side of the entrance, which makes me more trustworthy.

Gangnam Massage Shop you can trust in this country.

I’m very happy to be here for a couple massage after a long time.

The Natural Tycepa Thai Hubball Massage,

Like the traditional Thai massage I received last time, it will be carried out in the order of Thai Jeon Shin Massage → stretching.

Additional herbal ball massage is in the middle.

It’s a warm herb ball that looks like this, gently rubbing your shoulders and back, and it feels really good.

I’m cold, so even if I just do a massage, I feel like my blood circulation is good, so I feel better.

It felt even better when I massaged her directly with a warm herbal ball.

Herbal massage is recommended especially in winter or cold like me.

Gangnam Massage Natural Tiespa Apgujeong Station
And it’s a basic taimasage. What’s the point of saying that?

Natural Thai Apgujeong Therapists, your hands are no joke!

You’re so good at catching things that I’m usually uncomfortable with, and you’re so good at poking and releasing them without telling me.

And it’s just perfect, so I didn’t have to ask you to do anything.

The clip shows you getting a head massage.

Your hair style could be damaged, so you should ask beforehand.

I was supposed to go to a wine bar after I got my Gangnam massage.

Whatever the style, the massage is more important, so I just asked her to do it.

The familiar sound I hear every night while I’m in the middle of a cool massage.

No, I saw him sleeping under a massage.

Well, I can sleep comfortably when I get a massage.


I’m embarrassed.

One-hour couple massage over.

Every time I touched a Therapist, it was so cool that I felt so sorry to finish the massage.

But thanks to you, my shoulders, which had been dried up in the middle of the winter, seemed to stretch a little bit.

Baby bear says his fatigue from work has gone away.

Natural Thai Apgujeong Ridge again this time.

I… but you should come back now.;;;

After the massage, he was out of the world for a while.

I got a massage from Gangnam and 출장안마 my neck and shoulders. Like marshmallow.

It’s relaxing and refreshing, so I can’t seem to give up massages for the Park couple.

I will enjoy Gangnam couple spa more often whenever I go on a date.

I’m going out after a refreshing shower, and all the Kaokotalifeu products on display at the entrance.

The natural organic spa brand, Kaokotalifeu,

If you’re interested, you can buy it at a Natural Tycepa store or on the website.

I can’t believe I can get a couple event coupon if I register for Kakao Talk Playchin.

For those who want to enjoy Gangnam massage as a couple, register and get it cheaper.

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