In fact, a massage shop would predict a dark, dark atmosphere

Hello, everyone, it’s a happy day. It’s so fun to get Namyangju Gunma these days, so it’s Tosun who lives for that fun. I had a prejudice that massage was going to be expensive for some reason, but the Namyangju massage shop, which I went through through the gun, is cheap and good at it. I am so sorry to know this place, which has not only the ability but also the facilities and services, but also the three-time place, so I want to share it with you!It is a personal subjective writing, but it is a really good place to look objectively, so I hope you will go too

The first thing I liked was that the distance was close. No matter how delicious the restaurant is, it is the end of the retrenchment that does not visit often when it is away from the radius of action, so I chose the place close to home. Fortunately, there is a subway near the house and a bus stop, so I use public transportation and I am very good at stopping by at work and getting massages

I couldn’t hide my excitement before I went inside, and I guess it was more nervous because it was a famous Namyangju Swedish massage restaurant. I checked the banners built at the entrance and I saw that there were various kinds of events. There were many kinds of discounts such as military discounts and birthday discounts starting from the first visit discount. I made a reservation and visited on this day, so I was able to get a reservation discount. Once you are a member, you will be able to join the membership without forgetting that the membership discount will 수원건마 be applied.

Namyangju Massage One-person Shop was decorated with a brighter and brighter atmosphere than I thought. In fact, a massage shop is expected to have a dark and gloomy atmosphere, but Namyangju Massage 1 shop boasts a fresh interior as if it breaks my stereotypes. The interior was so sophisticated and sensually decorated that I could feel the fun of watching it, but I liked it more because it was my style

I went to the counter to pick out the menu, and I thought it would be quite expensive because it was a one-person massage, but it felt really good because I could get it at a lower price than expected. I went to the house and I felt like I was saving money. I went to change clothes after the detailed consultation according to my physical condition and condition.

The dressing room was neat and comfortable, with no flaws, and there were lockers, shower rooms, and dressing tables, and all the basic items were ready, so it was easier to use without any inconvenience. And then the foot bath went on, and it was so cool that it wasn’t just a level of soaking in warm water

I wiped the water directly, finished the foot bath with a simple foot massage, and came into the room for a full-scale Namyangju massage shop. I was in a good condition and once I was so good at your skills, I lost my word.The expert is a specialist, and he cares for himself even if he does not explain where he is sick! It is too bad to know alone.

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