It’s a two-minute walk from Exit 4 of Hansung Baekje Station.

After sitting at work for a long time, my posture became quite bent. I’ve been walking since I was young, but since I was in front of the monitor all day long, my back was stiff and my shoulders felt stiff. When I was thinking about how to solve it, I thought it would be great to get Songpa Gunma. I started to get it because it helps with muscle relaxation and posture adjustment. Since my body’s stress is relieved, I feel like I’m relieving my mental stress. It’s good in many ways, so I came to introduce you to heal yourself.

The first Songpa dry shop is Aladdin located at Jamsil Station. This place is famous for Songpa’s lowest-priced massage because there are so many items on sale. If you’re curious about the true therapy, you can go to Aladdin, Jamsil Station! You might fall in love with the atmosphere of the store from the moment you visit ㅠㅠ I’ll tell you about the discount event.

First of all, the first discount is 10,000 won for customers who visit for the first time, 10,000 won for customers who are birthday on the day, 10,000 won for first time customers, 10,000 won for two or more people, and you can add additional discounts from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.! You’re doing the Romiro Mee massage, and it’s 100,000 won for 60 minutes of course A and 130,000 won 서초건마 for 90 minutes of course B. All Korean teachers are made up of Korean teachers, and the reason why they are all good is that they have a national skin beauty certificate. Business hours are from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. It’s located next to the Jamsil branch of Homeplus, so please visit there.

Second, it’s Songpa Gunma business. This is a massage shop specializing in Songpa Swedish. I’m sure there are more people in Songpa-gu than people who don’t know Andante! It’s great to feel comfortable and comfortable. It’s a place where you can relieve all the stress and hardship of the day, so you can visit freely.

We are having a special weekly discount event, so you can get a more cost-effective massage, and you can get a weekly discount of 10,000 won for all courses from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.! You can get Swedish and Romiromi massage for 100,000 won for 60 minutes, 130,000 won for 90 minutes, and 170,000 won for 120 minutes. It is composed of Korean managers and is located 3 minutes walk from Exit 4 of Jangji area!

The third Songpa Gunma shop is Bangi-dong Dior. It’s Dior located in Bangi-dong, and I think we can always visit happily because any guest greets us so kindly. You’re doing a swedish massage and a vitamin swedish.

It’s 80,000 won for 65 minutes of Swedish massage and 110,000 won for 95 minutes. Vitamin Swedish is 90,000 won for 65 minutes and 120,000 won for 95 minutes! All Korean managers operate from 10 a.m. to 6 a.m., and it’s a two-minute walk from Exit 4 of Hansung Baekje Station.

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