It’s a 5-minute walk from the station.

When I have a hair style, I tend to put my head behind me and wash it. My hair is long ㅠㅠ Maybe it’s because I’m late in the morning, but I was in a hurry to wash it quickly, so my neck was sore. When I’m not feeling well or when my muscles are surprised, I always go to Bundang to get it, but it’s a day that comes to mind. So I’m about to run to get a massage as soon as I get off work. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce it to you, so I wrote it! It’s my subjective standard, but I’ve only picked out really good places, so you can trust me and visit 🙂 For your information, the order and ranking are irrelevant!

The first Bundang gun shop is a style therapy located in Sunae Station. I can say that all the teachers who dare to say they are the best in Bundang work here. The store itself is moving in a very systematic structure, so I feel like I’m being treated well when I visit. How can I say? I feel like you’re trying to make sure that you’re comfortable.

In addition, the situation now is the situation. 강남건마 I found Corona also thorough disinfection and antiseptic as well as ethanol made before and after the management, but you know, people exclusively responsible for them at dawn every day could the disinfection process again.To have been you. A professional sanitizing disinfection company regularly disinfects it once a week, so you can trust it and visit it’s a style therapy. ^^ You have a swedish massage and a lymph massage, which is so famous that everyone can think of a style therapy when it comes to swedish massage per minute. Let me explain the course.

The basic course starts at 60 minutes, and the soft Swedish sensitivity therapy is 80,000 won for body care, and the style special is the most expensive therapy. It costs 150,000 won for 120 minutes for soft Swedish sensitivity therapy, lymph care, and Y-zone intensive lymph care. If you sign up for Naver Cafe, you can get a discount of 20,000 won on your first visit, so make sure to bring it with you. ^^ All of them are Korean teachers in their 20s. What’s even better is that it’s open at 24 hours, so you can get a massage whenever you want! It’s only a three-minute walk from exit 1 of Suyeondae, so if you think of Bundang, you should go to the style therapy.

The second Bundang dry shop is Grand located in Seohyeon station. It’s a shop specializing in Swedish massage, Romiromi massage, and emotional massage. They’re so talented that they’ve been introducing their friends at first sight and then continuously walking around.

It feels like I’m relieving all my stress at once. Click the Naver Cafe tab, search Grand, and sign up to get information about the managers’ attendance department, introduction, and information. ^^ The course for the Romiromi Massage No. 1 Seohyeon Station Grand in Bundang is 80,000 won for 60 minutes and 150,000 won for 120 minutes. Scrubbing is possible.

All Korean managers are open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. and are located within a 5-minute walk of Seohyeon Station.

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